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Introducing: Competing for The Digital Future

A comprehensive program to help build your company’s digital vision, strategy, leaders, culture, and future:

This program is one of the industry’s first and most comprehensive digital leadership programs.

It provides your company the context, methodology, and tools needed to build elite teams, winning digital strategies, and a transformation program that accelerates implementation and embeds the DNA of digital leadership throughout your organization.

The program was developed based on years of experience at companies like Apple, Adobe and multiple silicon valley startups.

Competing for the Digital Future is a masters level program in digital strategy, leadership, and transformation. It is available online and onsite.

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Course One:

Kick Start Your Digital Strategy and Transformation Program

This course provides a powerful organizing framework, tools and materials that accelerate your ability to align stakeholders on a winning approach to digital strategy and transformation.

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Course Two:

Build a Digital Strategy and Transformation Dream Team

This course helps you define, identify, and develop a high performance digital strategy and transformation team. It provides a powerful framework and tools that help you align key stakeholders on what it takes to develop a winning team, organize your efforts, define and develop your team, and hold your first planning meeting.

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Course Three:

Discovering Digital Transformation Opportunities and Threats

This course provides a powerful framework, guidance and tools to identify, assess and prioritize market, customer, digital ecosystem, and technology opportunities and threats that will help define your digital vision and strategy.

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Course Four:

Developing a Breakthrough Digital Vision and Strategy

This course helps you and your team translate the findings and recommendations from discovery into a transformative vision that helps you align and integrate digital strategy for product, services, marketing, operations, and the development of a digital culture.

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Course Five:

Identifying Digital Strategy and Transformation Priorities

This course provides a framework that helps you and your team establish priorities based on external opportunities and threats and an internal assessment of existing capabilities and gaps. It helps you identify the things that will matter most, and the things that will matter least in the digitally transformed future.

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Course Six:

Engaging Employees and Customers in Digital Transformation

This course helps you and your team develop and implement a high impact program that fosters the proactive engagement of customers and employees in the creation of a winning digital strategy and in building the momentum required to ensure the success of your transformation program.

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Course Seven:

Developing an Agile Digital Strategy and Transformation Program

This course provides a framework, methodology and tools that help you establish an Agile approach to defining, implementing, and managing an integrated portfolio of digital product, marketing, and operational initiatives that support your strategy. 

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Course Eight:

Transforming Your Company into a Digital Leader

This course helps you and your team establish the capabilities and competencies of digital leadership as mission critical programs within your company. Those include “Always On” Customer and Technology Insight, Data and Analytics, Continual Innovation, and the development and support of a highly networked and collaborative digital culture. 

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