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Creating Insanely Great Customers Your Always-On Innovation Strategy

About the Book

In a perfect storm of innovation, there is one thing you must do to survive, accelerate the value you create for your most visionary customers, the crazy ones.

Creating Insanely Great Customers is a step-by-step guide to transforming your company to “Always-On Innovation”. It uses Agile / Lean practices to focus, align and integrate strategies for innovation, customer engagement and process management on the areas that produce the greatest future value for you and your customers.

  • "Mike puts customer development on steroids with a step-by-step approach that helps you identify insanely great customers, create an environment of "always on" innovation, and leverage today's technology. With good tips, stories, and case studies, Creating Great Customers is a quick and satisfying read." - Steve Johnson, Author of "From Fragile to Agile"

    “Customer development on steroids”


In a market driven by a Perfect Storm of innovation there is one thing you must do to stay relevant and grow. Accelerate the value you create for your most visionary customers, the Insanely Great ones.

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Creating Insanely Great Customers is an Agile / Lean methodology that accelerates value creation.

It empowers small, engaged teams to implement an innovation strategy that delivers big results
by establishing Always-On Innovation Zones
that accelerate future value with continual breakthroughs.

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Identify your Insanely Great Customers.

Find the crazy ones.

Build your innovation strategy around the customers creating and visioning the future.
Let go of the ones keeping you stuck in the status quo.

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Define and develop your Always-On Innovation Zones.

Focus your innovation strategy on areas that deliver high-value business outcomes.
Integrate always-on insight, and game-changing technology.

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Engage your customers in the ``dialogue`` of ongoing innovation.

Build an innovation strategy that accelerates the dialogue and pace of innovation.
Align strategy, marketing, content, development,
and your customer journey to Always-On Zones.

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Transform your team, your company, and your career to “Always-On.”

Create an Always-On movement
Build your innovation strategy around a culture of small, empowered teams that continually
accelerate delivery of breakthrough customer value.

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Creating Insanely Great Customers

Your Always-On Innovation Strategy


Here’s to the crazy ones, . . . because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

— “Think Different” campaign, Apple Inc.

Are you looking for a way to move your company or your career forward?

We are in the midst of a Perfect Storm of continual and interconnecting innovation. That storm is disrupting companies and industries. It is also accelerating the dialogue and pace of innovation, and blurring the boundaries between how we innovate and how we engage customers.

What if you could lead your team successfully through that storm? You can.

By focusing  your innovation strategy on continually accelerating customer value.

“Creating Insanely Great Customers” focuses companies on the one thing that will keep them relevant and growing in the midst of a disruptive storm of innovation: Continually accelerating the value they create for their most visionary customers.

The challenge.

It’s not surprising in the face of that storm that most CEO’s have set customer engagement, innovation and process optimization as top priorities. What is surprising, is that most CEO’s aren’t happy with the progress they are making with their innovation strategy. The book argues that lack of progress is due to one simple thing: Companies haven’t aligned and integrated those priorities into the day-to-day thinking and activities of their company with a single purpose “continually accelerating the breakthrough value they deliver to their most visionary customers.

The Roadmap

Michael Connor, the books author, a veteran of Apple and the silicon valley, advocates establishing an innovation strategy that uses“Always-On Innovation Zones” to address this issue. Using Agile/Lean practices to align and integrate strategy, product development, customer engagement and innovation initiatives, the Always-On Innovation Zone accelerates delivery of breakthroughs in areas that create high-value business outcomes and experiences for leading customers.

Creating Insanely Great Customers offers a powerful, well-thought out roadmap to help companies implement that vision and achieve those breakthroughs.

The Always-On innovation strategy roadmap is executed in five “Sprints”:

  • Vision: Reframes your mission to be “Always-On” creation of customer value

  • Identify: Identifies your most visionary “Insanely Great” Customers

  • Develop: Develops “Always-On Innovation Zones” that accelerate customer value

  • Engage: Engage customers in “Always-On” marketing and innovation initiatives

  • Transform: Transform the thinking, processes, and systems in your company to empower you, your team, and your company to become Always-On innovation catalysts.


Get your “crazy” on.

The Always-On approach advocated by Creating Insanely Great Customers enables you and your company to excel in markets driven by constant change. It helps you create a movement , an innovation strategy and a culture within your company that empowers individuals and small teams to become innovation catalysts. Catalysts that integrate customer value led thinking and innovation initiatives into their day to activities that help make them, their customer and their companies, Insanely Great. Go on. Shake things up. Get caught reading this book, then pass it on.

Jarrad ConnorYour Always On Innovation Strategy Creating Insanely Great Customers